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Footpaths and Trees

Harbledown and Rough Common Parish Footpath Councillor and Tree Warden

Harbledown and Rough Common’s Footpath Councillor and Tree Warden, Beatrice Shire, was appointed by the Parish Council and provides a focal point for dealing with these important environmental issues, as follows:

Gathering information and encouraging practical projects relating to trees in the parish.  Projects may include planting and caring for trees, advising on dangerous trees and tree surveys.  The warden is supported in this work by the The Conservation Volunteers . Harbledown and Rough Common have, within their boundaries, a Conservation Area and work on trees within this area is subject to statutory regulations.  Some trees are also subject to Tree Preservation Orders.

For advise or further information contact Beatrice Shire 01227 766782

You can access current Tree Work applications by clicking here:

Tree Work
updated 25 September 2006

Babs monitors the condition of all footpaths, bridle paths and byways within the parish. The maintenance of these paths is the responsibility of the respective land owners and Kent County Council’s Public Rights of Way section.

You can view a map of the footpaths in the Parish if you click here:

Footpath map

Notice of Footpath closure

Footpath closure CB30