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Planning Policy

1.  Role of Harbledown and Rough Common Parish Council (HRCPC) – planning applications for development within the HRCPC area are submitted to the Canterbury City Council (CCC) for approval or rejection.  The CCC routinely passes such applications to the HRCPC requesting comments on the proposed development or other relevant observations prior to ruling on the application.  The decisions taken by the CCC may, or may not, reflect the position taken by the HRCPC in respect to any individual application.

2.  Planning policy of HRCPC – Our planning policy is informed from two sources:

I.  The known wishes of Harbledown and Rough Common residents as expressed in Parish surveys and appraisals;

II.  Canterbury City Council Local Plans.

We aim to:

a) maintain the green gap between Rough Common and the City.

b) support only small scale infill development in the three villages  to maintain the integrity of the existing HRCPC area built-envelope.

c) support government policy on brownfield sites; although we would wish to evaluate individual applications within our remit.
d) maintain vigilance over our two Conservation Areas to ensure that
their character is preserved and /or enhanced.

e) ensure that the views of residents are canvassed whenever plans for significant developments within the HRCPC planning area aremade public.

3.  Planning application strategy of HRCPC – Applications referred to the HRCPC will be considered by the HRCPC Planning Group.  Wherever possible, the applicant will be contacted by the Group Head in order to arrange a site visit if appropriate.  Following a site visit by one or more members of the Group, a verbal report will be delivered to the HRCPC at its next monthly meeting.  Applicants, if they so wish, may request a hearing at that meeting and make a brief presentation of their development plans.  Individuals from within the parish may also lodge objections to the proposal in the form of a brief presentation at the HRCPC monthly meeting.  Should the HRCPC conclude that no objection to the planning proposal is justified then the Chairman will so notify the CCC and no written communication to the applicant will be made.  Should the HRCPC conclude that one or more objections to the proposal are justified, or that concerns of residents concerning the proposal should be notified, then the Chairman will so notify the CCC and the applicant will be informed by written communication of the objections and/or concerns forwarded.